Custom Pillow Orders


eliot shops custom pillow

We accept orders for custom pillows/cushions. You can select the fabric from our sister company, Top Fabric, then send your request to We try to give you the best prices for the pillow (pillow covers or pillows with the insertion).

Please follow these steps:

  1. Select the fabric
  2. Send your request to We need this information about your custom order: 1-The Name and the color of the fabric  2-Do you need double-sided pillows or one-sided? If you need a one-side pillow, please send the name and the color of the fabric for the backside of the pillow as well. 3- Size of the pillow  4- Quantity
  3. We will check your request and we will let you know the lead time and cost of your order.
  4. We will send an invoice regarding your request and we will start your project when you complete the purchase.

* Custom orders are non-returnable.

* Minimum order: 4 pillows